Police shut down Tali‘eva bar as investigation continues into Feimoefiafi’s death

    The Tali’eva bar was forced to close its doors temporally after Sione Feimoefiafi died in hospital on Monday night.

    Five men had been arrested in relation to the death of the 49-year-old.

    The US-based Tongan had been watching the Super Bowl at Tali’eva when a  brawl erupted inside the bar. It then spilled out of the premise and at one stage Feimoefiafi was seen lying motionless in the road.

    Police Chief Superintendent Tevita Vailea has confirmed to Kaniva news this morning the closure has been ordered in relation to an investigation into Feimefiafi’s death.

    He said a letter from the Police Commissioner’s office was sent to the Tali’eva bar yesterday.

    Vailea said the bar will continue to be closed until further notice.

    He said the liquor Licensing Authority is reviewing the bar’s liquor license.

    Sources said the bar wasn’t open to the public yesterday at 4pm, its normal opening hours.

    Vailea said Police investigation continues.

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    1. Good this bar should close for good the owner did nothing but clearly see join in 9n this bashing he too should be on murder charges. Its absolutely appalling of these mens behaviour now they all need to be punished for what they have done.

    2. An people stood there and watched!! It’s easy to comment from afar, but what has our society com to ??!! A great day of shame!! Condolences to the family.


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