Killed US Tongan farewelled

    Sione Feimoefiafi, the US based Tongan who arrived in the kingdom last month before he was murdered in a bar brawl, was farewelled yesterday.

    Hundreds of mourners packed a FWC church for his funeral in Puke yesterday morning after he was allegedly being assaulted by five suspects.

    His funeral was held as it emerged the men accused of murdering him did not appear in court on Monday because of Police concerns of the public reaction.

    Mourners, including community leaders and a large number of Tupou College alumni, gathered to pay tribute to the 49-year-old father, husband, son and brother.

    The services have been livestreamed and broadcast online attracting thousands of heartfelt and emotional comments and condolences from viewers across the world.

    Feimoefiafi was in Tonga to attend his father’s funeral.

    A month later on February 4 he died in hospital after the fatal brawl inside a bar in Nuku’alofa

    It was devastating news for not only Feimoefiafi’s friends and family but for the nation who became enveloped in the brutal attack.

    His coffin was carried into the church and to his grave by about ten pallbearers.


    1. So sad and embarrassing!
      It’s even more sad the 5 accused can’t and won’t even appear in court for their cowardly and inhuman act, as they say they fear for their lives for repercussions. They weren’t afraid of the other people and they weren’t afraid of doing the crime! They didn’t think of it all they only think of themselves!
      Savages! Stand up and do your time stop hiding you Cowards!!
      Give me a break!


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