Supreme Court dismisses rugby league board; orders election of new members

Veteki e poate liiki 'a Tonga pea tuku ki tu'a 'e he Fakamaau'anga Lahi e kau mēmipa poate kotoa. Ko e lakanga pe 'e taha 'oku kei toe he kautaha ni ko e palesiteni 'a ia ko e Tokoni Palēmia Sēmisi Sika pea fokotu'u fo'ou 'e he Fakamaau'anga' e Tokoni 'Ateni Seniale 'a Tonga' ko e fale'i fakataimi kae 'oua leva kuo fili fo'ou e poate he mahina' ni pe māhina Fepueli. Mahino pe ne 'i ai 'a e ta'efiemālie lahi ki he to'o fatongia 'a e kau mēmipa poate' ni. Ko e kau mēmipa kuo tuku ki tu'a kau ai 'a e Sea' Stan Moheloa, Sekelitali Seniale' Tavake Fangupō, mo e kau mēmipa ko Siu Fangupō, Pita Vakautakakala mo Mātani Nifofā.

Tonga’s Supreme Court has dissolved the Tonga National Rugby League (TNRL) board and ordered an election of new board members.

The sacked board members included Chairman Stan Moheloa, General Secretary Tavake Fangupō, Board Director Siu Fangupō,  Board Director Pita Vakautakakala, and Board Director Mātani Nifofā.

It is understood the Supreme Court was dissatisfied with the former board members’ performance.

While there is no board at present to oversee rugby league in Tonga, Deputy Prime Minister Semisi Sika has continued as President of the organisation.

The Court has appointed Acting Attorney General ‘Aminiasi Kefu as Amicus Curiae.

Kefu’s responsibility is to make sure a new Board is elected, then hand over all TNRL property to the new board directors.

The Supreme Court expects Kefu to report back to it on Thursday 3 January and to clarify legal issues for electing the new Board of Directors. 

A meeting to elect the new Board is expected to be held in January or February

This will be the normal Annual General meeting held to elect the new Board according to the TNRL Constitution.

Reasons for dissolution

The reasons why the board was dissolved have not been officially released, but Kaniva news understands this was because the former board members allegedly failed to implement the Board’s policy and rules.

It is understood Hon. Sika was not happy with the former board members.

He accused the former General Secretary Tavake Fangupō of not looking after the office administration.  

Fangupō did not deny what Hon. Sika has claimed against him.

He said: “It’s sad to hear when things like this come up and everyone starts pointing fingers to blame someone for other people’s mistakes.”

The future of Hon Sika

Hon. Sika told Kaniva news in a previous interview he wanted to end his involvement with League in Tonga this year.

However, after the recent dissolution of the Board Hon. Sika said it would depend on the rugby league clubs and the government if they would still want him to continue on with TNRL.

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