PSC sacks Education CEO Claude Tupou

Ministry of Education and Training chief executive Claude Tupou’s contract was terminated by Public Service Commission (PSC) on Tuesday 21.

A thank you letter purported to be written by Tupou said he had received a letter from PSC terminating his employment contract.

The letter was widely circulated on Facebook.  

“’I he efiafi Mōnite 21 kimu’a pea kakato ‘a e ‘aho ngāue na’e a’utaki mai ai ha tohi mei he PSC kuo faka-ngata ‘a ‘eku aleapau ngāue mo e Potungāue Ako,” the letter read in Tongan.

This translate into English as : “This evening Monday 21 before the end of the working day a letter from PSC was arrived saying that my contract agreement with the Ministry of Education was terminated.”

Kaniva news sent a copy of the letter to PSC CEO Dr. Lia Maka and asked if she could be able to confirm that Tupou has been fired.

We have yet to receive any response from the PSC.

However local news media reports have confirmed Tupou was no longer with the Ministry.

He officially became CEO for MET since June 2016.


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