Former firefighter boss Lōfia Heimuli to get full funeral honours

    Fakatū'uta 'i Tonga me'afaka'eiki 'o e pule Tāmate Afi ki mu'a' Lōfia Heimuli pea 'oku fakahoko kakato 'a hono fakalāngilangi'i' 'e he Potungāue Tāmate Afi'.

    Firefighters from around Tongatapu are expected to gather at the Fua’amotu International Airport this evening to welcome one of their own with full funeral honours.

    Their former CEO Lōfia Heimuli died in Australia on December 27.

    Tonga Fire Service & Emergency has confirmed the firefighters and staff of the Service will conduct the welcoming services at the airport.

    This would include a prayer service, carrying his flag-draped casket and firing of a 21 gun salute.

    The procession will be led by fire trucks and a brass band performed  by  the  firefighters.

    It is understood Heimuli was holidaying in the south Pacific continent when he died.

    He was expected to retire from his job in March 2019.


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