271 people arrested in Christmas crackdown

    Ko e kakai ‘e toko 271 ne puke ‘e he kau Polisi’ lolotonga hono le’ole’ohi e fonua he uke mālōlō 'o e Kilisimasi’ ‘a ia ne lele mei he ‘aho 21 ‘o Tisema ki he ‘aho 3 ‘o Sanuali’. Ko e toko 202 ne puke tu’unga he ngaahi hia kehekehe kae felālāve’i. Toko 20 ne puke ko e fa’u, tufaki mo ma’u ‘a e faito’o konatapu kalasi kehekehe pea toko 49 ko e puke mahalo’i ki he faka’uli lolotonga ne nau hu’akava’ia.

    Figures released by Tonga Police showed almost 202 people were arrested after they obviously involved in criminal activities over the Christmas period.

    They showed 49 drivers have been arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving, involving alcohol.

    20 arrests were in relation to manufacture, supply or possession of illicit drugs.

    Police said the statistics for 2018 show the kingdom has improved its road safety performance by recording no fatalities during the Christmas holiday season.

    However, two persons have died in December in separate incidents. A 5-year-old boy was allegedly electrocuted at his home in Pili on December 22. A man was also dead while he was trying to rescue his drowning wife at Laulea beach at Fatumu on Christmas day.

    The violent crime rate of 94 which involved offences of common assault, theft and housebreaking dropped from 116 last year.

    Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Vaisuai “acknowledged the commitment of police staff who worked throughout the holidays to ensure peace and public safety was maintained.

    “She also acknowledged and thanked members of the public for timely sharing of information and their valued support to the Tonga Police.”

    Authority said a total of 255 police staff were deployed during the Christmas and New Year Operation.  

    Police said reinforcement measures had been put in place during the holiday operation to ensure everyone including visitors were safe and felt safe while celebrating the festive season in the Kingdom of Tonga.

    “The Operation saw police visibility throughout the Kingdom strengthened with a round the clock police on the beat, regular vehicle patrols to key target areas, removal of drunks from public places and holding liquor licensees to account when licence conditions were breached. Road safety measures were also implemented through planned spot checks and alcohol breath-testing in strategic locations to prevent further crashes on our roads due to drunk driving and speed.” 


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