Visitor arrested with two others at scene of drug investigation in Tongatapu

    Ne puke 'e he kau polisi' ha taha ne 'a'ahi atu ki he feitu'u 'i Hauloto mo ha pēketi faito'o konatapu mefi. Ko e puke 'eni lolotonga ne hua 'e he kau polisi e feitu'u' ni 'o puke ai mo ha tokoua kehe mo ha mefi pehē ki he ngaahi pēketi kanapisi mo ha pa'anga .

    A visitor to a location in which Police were currently conducting an investigation of illicit drugs had been arrested.   Police also arrested two other men aged 31 and 32 while they were searching a location at Hauloto on Sunday morning. Police seized 446 grams of cannabis, 7.97 grams of meth packed ready for distribution…

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