Supreme Court hands down sentence in what judge describes as “truly abhorrent” rape case

Ngāue pōpula e tangata ko Viliami Simoni ta'u 11 ko 'ene kaiha'asi fakamālohi'i ha kii ta'ahine ta'u tolu 'o tohotoho'i

A man who abducted and sexually assaulted a three year old girl has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Viliami Simoni appeared before Lord Chief Justice Owen Paulsen, who described his crime as “truly  abhorrent.”

In his summing up, Judge Paulsen quoted a judge’s comments from an earlier trial: “You stole her childhood  innocence.   Nothing I now say can sum up  the total disgust which everyone associated with your disgraceful conduct must feel. I can safely say that those same feelings will be shared by all right-thinking members of Tonga Society.”

“The pre-sentence report tells a distressingly common story of a young man from a broken home with little education, few prospects in life and an alcohol problem,” the judge said.

The court heard that Simoni broke into a house on June 17 this year and after stealing a number of items, he took the girl and raped and assaulted her in an empty house.

He then abandoned the girl.

“There is no knowing what could have happened to her had she not  been found,” the judge said.

Lord Chief Justice Paulsen said the child had been deeply traumatized by the event.

She spent almost a week in hospital and complained of pain.

She went from being a carefree child to one who is withdrawn, fearful and angry.

She no longer played with other children and was scared of men she did not know.

Lord Chief Justice Paulsen ruled that the final year of Simoni’s sentence be suspended for three years to help his rehabilitation.

The suspension is dependent on him fulfilling the terms of his probation, which include an order that he not live anywhere near his victim or in any in any accommodation where girls or young women are present.

He must also attend courses on sexual abuse and drug and alcohol abuse.

The main points

  • Aman who abducted and sexually assaulted a three year old girl has beensentenced to 11 years in prison.
  • ViliamiSimoni appeared before Lord Chief Justice Paulsen, who described his crime as “truly  abhorrent.”


  1. E lava ke tuku mai e photo e ki’i tama tohotoho keu ‘ilo hono mataa, pea oku tonu ke tukumai e kalasi ko ‘ena ke tohotoho’i tatau moe hia ne fakahoko he tama fai his ni.

    Faka’amu ange keu ilo e mata ko eni.

    Should eliminate this short from the face if this civilisation… fakahela! Mo fakamole hono toe tauhi e kalasi ko eni.


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