Man arrested after drugs seized at ‘Eua wharf

    ‘Eua Police have arrested and charged a man following the seizure of 3.2 kilograms of cannabis at Nāfanua wharf.

    The 44-year-old-man was arrested with a bag of cannabis on Thursday 13 December at around 3:50 pm, a statement said.

    Police speculated the bag of illicit drug was intended to be transported to Tongatapu in the domestic ferry that was scheduled to depart ‘Eua at 4.30 pm that same afternoon.

     “We continue to focus on capturing and prosecuting those responsible for the supply of these destructive drugs that cause harm to our youths, families and our community,” Eua Police Commander Inspector Loluhama Fine said.   

    “We encourage anyone who may have information about drug related offending to contact their nearest Police station, or ring 23417 or 922.”

    The suspect is in police custody while investigation continues.


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