Large sinkhole closes Ha‘apai main road after heavy rain

    Hoko ha fu'u luo he hala Holopeka hli e 'uha lahi 'o e faka'osinga uike kuo situ'a ke tāpuni ai e hala ni mei he fefononga'aki.

    A large sink hole has closed a main road in Lifuka, Ha’apai and could cause difficulties for commuters and motorists heading to Houmale’eia beach for end of year picnics.  

    The sink hole has opened up on the Holopeka road following Saturday’s heavy rainfall at the Ha’apai main island.

    The size of the sink hole was unknown but pictures of it shared on Facebook appear to show it looks huge.

    It was not immediately clear whether the closure will remain in place during the week and whether any repair work was underway.

    National Emergency and Management Office (NEMO) has warned motorists and commuters about the incident.

    It said the Fangale’ounga and Fuhu roads were submerged with water.


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