King reappoints Kanitesi Mahe to Niukapu title

Toe fakanofo 'e he Tu'i' hingoa nōpele Niukapu' 'ia Kanitesi Mahe

King Tupou VI has reappointed  Kanitesi Mahe to the noble title Niukapu today Wednesday 19, 2018  and effective from 30 November 2017.

The family of Lord Niukapu have celebrated the reappointment during a cultural ceremony and entertainment at Bay of Manumataongo in Nuku’alofa, a family spokesperson said. 

It is understood Mahe held the title previously and became a Member of Parliament in 1990s before it was removed from him following a review of his rights to the title. 

The Lord Chamberlain Viela Tupou attended the ceremony and read out the Letter of Appointment from HM King Tupou VI.

Niukapu is one of the ‘Ulu Tolu or the Three Heads which consisted of Lord Nuku, Lord Niukapu and Ngata, who is now His Majesty King Tupou VI.

The appointment was officially announced in the government of Tonga gazette in September.

It said: “Kanitesi Mahe is the lawful successor to the hereditary noble title and estate of: Niukapu and shall possess and enjoy the hereditary estate appurtenant to the title to which he has succeeded together with the rents and profits thereof and all other rights and privileges attached to the title as from 30 November 2017.”

Niukapu’s hereditary estate is Fangale’ounga in Ha’apai. 


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