Commuters could soon travel from Sydney to Melbourne in 40 minutes

‘E vave ni pe ha fononga ‘a e kakai heka me’alele mei Senē ki Melipoane ‘i ha fuoloa ko e miniti pe ‘e 40 ‘i he lēlue tuipi oma ‘aupito. Ko e tiupi ko ‘eni oku ui ko e Haipalupi ‘e lava ia lele mei ‘Atelaite ki Pilisipeini ‘i he vave ko e kilomita ‘e 1,223 ki he houa. Miniti e 30 mei ‘Atelaite ki Melipoane pe Senē ki Pilisipeini. Miniti ‘e 23 mei Melipoane ki Kenipela pea miniti pe ‘e 14 mei Kenipela ki Senē.

By AIDAN WONDRACZ FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA   Commuters could soon travel between Sydney and Melbourne in as little as 40 minutes in a new ultra-high speed tube. The ‘capsule’ in the tube-based system would run from Adelaide to Brisbane at around 1,1223 km/h and pass through major cities along the way, The Herald Sunreported. Travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne or Sydney to…

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