Two men turn themselves into Police after Kolomotu‘a teen’s death

    Kuo tukulolo ha toko ua ki he kau polisi hili 'eni e mate 'a 'Olikoni Tu'ihalangingie Lolohea 'o Kolomotu'a'.

    Two men aged 22 and 19 turned themselves in after a seriously injured man was found 20 kilometres away from where he lived.

    The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Olikoni Tu’ihalangingie Lolohea of Kolomotu’a.

    As Kaniva news reported yesterday, he was found on a road in Ha’atafu on Sunday before he died in Vaiola hospital the following day.

    While Police are continuing their investigation into the incident, friends and family posted tributes to the “beautiful soul” on Facebook.

    “If Tonga is supposed to [be] the paradise islands. then how does this happened? they …. dumped him in uta like it was nothing. his face wasn’t recognizable when he was found. The radio had to announce if any family was missing there son.he’s from my neck of the village old town kolomotua. my condolences to the family..R.I.P..Olikoni tuihalangingie lolohea,” one wrote.

    “I love you so much  ‘Olikoni words can’t describe how lost I am to here that you are gone. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have expected him to need a beautiful soul like you so early in your life you will be with us always,” another person wrote in Tongan.

    A cousin posted: ” I don’t know who would be so heartless to beat someone near to death and leave them clinging for their life in the middle of nowhere ?

    As a ‘Teacher’ your students becomes your children. As a ‘Mother’ your children are your heartbeat. Rest in God’s Eternal Love ‘Olikoni Lolohea.

    I will always remember you as the young blonde boy whom the girls in the class secretly admired ? but you were always such a humble boy and regarded the girls as your sisters. You always smiled even when you were given a hiding for always coming late to class and to which you always have an explanation for haha…”


    1. He was raped and beaten and left to die. I hope those 2 people rot in jail what they did to him is merciless. Rip young man


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