Tongan man dies in Western Australia, reports say

    Pehē kuo mate ha tangata Tonga 'i 'Aositelēlia

    A Tongan man has reportedly died in Canarvon, Western Australia last week.

    The man allegedly died at a hospital from an injury.

    A Tongan woman who identified herself on a video shared on Facebook this week as Joanna V. Matangi claimed the deceased was Siosifa Kaufusi.

    Matangi also alleged the deceased’s death came after an altercation which involved another Tongan man.

    It is understood the deceased was in Australia to join the Tongan Seasonal Workers.

    According to a report Police are investigating the death of a man in his 20s in Carnarvon.

    St John Ambulance were called to a property in Morgantown Thursday afternoon and took the man to Carnarvon Regional Hospital, the report said.

    It said the man died on November 2.


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