Tongan man appears in court in Australia after Kaufusi’s death

    Hā ha tangata Tonga 'i ha fakamaau'anga 'i 'Aositelēlia hili e mate 'a Siosifa Kaufusi.

    A Tongan man reportedly appeared in a court in Western Australia after the death of another Tongan man.

    Siosifa Kaufusi who is believed to be in his 20s died on November 1 in Carnarvon.

    ‘Ēpalahame Maama Tāufa has appeared in court this week and it is understood he is scheduled to reappear before a judge on November 19.

    A member of a small Tongan community in Carnarvon, Joanna V Matangi said on a video a fundraising had been organised to help bring back Kaufusi’s body to his family in Tonga.

    In one of the latest videos shared on Facebook this week by Matangi she said the fundraising has been successful.

    She thanked Tongan and Australian sponsors for their helps.

    It is understood the deceased was in Australia to join Tongan Seasonal Workers.

    Matangi claimed Kaufusi’s contract with his Seasonal Worker employer was expired before he died.


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