Photo shows man lying in middle of road in Hihifo

A woman came to the aid of a man lying in the middle of a road in Te’ekiu on Wednesday night, according to an eyewitness.

The incident was captured on camera and later shared on social media.

Te’ekiu resident Paul Quinn Ta’ai claimed he was fighting with the man.

He said the man was a stranger to Te’ekiu and he was allegedly having a party with some friends before the incident occurred.

He claimed that he stopped by the group and asked them to stop making noises in the area as it was night time. But the victim allegedly came to him and asked for a fight.

Ta’ai, who was known by heraldic name Mafi ‘O e Vao Hēhea, claimed he was trying to stop him from what he has described as “causing troubles in the town.”

Ta’ai posted the photo to Facebook last night and it received 213 reactions and 63 comments.

The unidentified man and woman could not be reached for comment.


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