Nukuleka new community boat aims to help end overfishing

The Nukuleka community has launched a new boat authorities hope will help end the overfishing that has decimated the Hahake fish stocks.

The TP$30,000 worth 4.8 metre long boat which can carry up to eight people was funded by MEIDECC.

Nukuleka’s District Officer Sitiveni Fe’ao reportedly said the boat was brought in as part of a campaign to patrol and safeguard the Special Management Areas – which it enabled communities to have greater control over fishing activities in nearby waters

As Kaniva news reported recently, the Minister of Education whose constituency was part of Fanga’uta lagoon and Nukuleka seas claimed some fishermen have fished illegally in the area.

He said these fishermen used blast fishing.

The Minister said people in this area found few fish in the sea because of this type of dangerous fishing.

The new boat was launched by the Minister of Finance Dr Pōhiva Tui’onetoa.

The crew for the boat had been training before their campaign began.


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