Fiji exports $176k worth of livestock to Tonga

    Kamata fefakamāketi'aki 'a Tonga mo Fisi' pea kuo fakatau atu ai mei Fisi ki Tonga ha fanga sipi mo e kosi fe'unga hono mahu'inga' mo e laui kilu.

    The Fiji Times – Fiji sent a livestock shipment worth $176,000 to Tonga recently enhancing existing cooperation between the two Pacific island countries and developing an export market.

    Director Animal Health and Production Avinesh Dayal said local livestock farmers benefited from the export.

    “The exportation of livestock to Tonga will benefit farmers and exports since a new pathway has been developed with our Pacific island neighbours. A total of 10 pigs, 50 sheep and 100 goats from eight farms were sold and farmers benefitted by receiving attractive prices for their animals, which they can reinvest back into their respective farms,” Mr Dayal was quoted saying in a Government statement.

    “For Government, we have gained invaluable experience in facilitating the exports through the negotiation of protocols and in the future, more farmers can benefit from this exercise seeing as a pathway or protocol for Tongan export of livestock has been developed.”

    Mr Dayal said Fiji had previously exported livestock to Tonga once before, and this recent request by the Tongan government paved an opportunity for local livestock farmers to benefit directly from this venture.


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