Community awaits investigation results after soldiers alleged brutality

'Oku 'i ai e fakaongoongo 'a e kāinga' ki ha ola 'o e fakatotolo kuo fakahā mai ne lolotonga lele kau ki he tukuaki'i ne taa'i lahi 'e ha kau sōtia ha tangata 'i Vainī 'o lavea lahi.

The community is waiting to see what the results of an army investigation into an alleged act of soldiers brutality in Tongatapu will produce.

The investigation was launched after photos have emerged on social media which purported to show members of His Majesty’s Armed forces allegedly attacking a shirtless man as he lay injured on the ground early this month.

One photo shows a soldier appears to have stomped on the man’s head with his boot-clad foot. The incident occurred at a road in Vainī.

Many commenters on Facebook have condemned the attack and said soldiers were trained to have better judgement and patience in such situation.

Reports on social media showed the public was looking forward to the results of the investigation.

Many applauded the person who took the photos and shared online saying they helped authorities in their endeavour to hold those officers accountable for their actions.

His Majesty’s Armed Forces (HMAF) has confirmed an investigation has been launched.

It said it “regretted all allegations due to a photographic evidence against HMAF of abusive conduct and physical attack of a public member during an incident on 4th November 2018.”

“While HMAF is investigating the allege incident, the HMAF will not tolerate any form of physical abuse by HMAF members against any public members.

“HMAF hereby expresses our full support to the rule of law and if any allegation against HMAF member from the public to be dealt with accordingly in the civil court.”


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