Arrests made after drugs reportedly sold at Tonga High School rugby field

    Ne iku taufetuli e kau polisi mo ha kau tangata ne pehē ne nau tila faito'o konatapu he mala'e 'akapulu 'o e 'Apiako Mā'olunga 'o Tonga' o toki puke kinautolu mei ha 'api 'i Tofoa mo e ha keishausi 'i Kolofo'ou

    Police have arrested two men after reports illicit drugs were sold at the Tonga High School rugby compound.

    When Police arrived at the scene the suspects fled in their vehicles. That triggered a  chase before Police arrested a 38-year-old man at his Tofoa residence with a 0.21 grams pack of cannabis.

    The other suspect, a 33-year-old man from Pili, attempted to escape but Police could be able to stop him. He was released after Police did not find any drugs in his vehicle.

    However, he was later arrested at a guest house in Kolofo’ou with illicit drugs, drugs paraphernalia and home brew at around 11pm last night.

    “The drugs seized by the Taskforce were 159.13 grams of cannabis packed ready for distribution and 0.34 grams of methamphetamine,” Police said.

    “As demonstrated by this arrest, we continue to focus on capturing and prosecuting those responsible for the supply of these destructive drugs that cause harm to our youths, families and our community,” the Commander of the Central Police Station A/CSP Tevita Vailea said.

    He said Police will continue to work with the community to prevent the harm illicit drugs cause and the ongoing criminal activities associated with their use.

    “We encourage anyone who may have information about drug related offending to contact their nearest Police station, or ring 23417 or 922.”

    The suspects are in police custody while investigation continues.


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