8-year-old died by suicide in Tongatapu

    Mate ha ki'i ta'ahine ta'u 8 'i Fasi pea kuo tala 'e he fakamaau 'eke ki he 'uhinga 'o e pekia' na'e tupu 'eni mei ha taonakita. 'Oku pehē 'e he kau Polisi' ko e tokotaha ta'u si'i taha 'eni kuo 'ilo ki ha taonakita 'i Tonga.

    An 8-year-old Fasi girl took her own life, an inquest has confirmed.

    She was the youngest known person to commit suicide in Tonga, according to Police

    The victim was found dead in her home on November 7, local media have reported.

    She was rushed to Vaiola hospital where she died.

    Her body has been released to the family.

    Police have not released any details relating to the incident.

    The incident comes after Kaniva reported last month that a 30-year-old man was found dead in his home in Vainī.

    The man’s body was found in his room.


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