Tabloid froth over earthquake “shock” shows no sign of halting royal visit to Friendly Islands

Kuo ‘ikai toe ha veve hono to’o hake ‘e he ‘ū nusipepa Pilitānia’ ke fakailifia’i’aki e folau ‘a Pilinisi Hale mo Mīkeni ki Tonga. Ko e ki’i mofuike ‘eni ne tō ‘i Niuatoputapu he uike kuo ‘osi kuo nau toki ‘afa’i na’a kau kovi ki he folau’.

British tabloids have been lashing themselves into a frenzy at the news that an earthquake has been recorded on of Tonga’s outer islands. The tabloids – and some online news services – recorded breathlessly that a 4.9 magnitude quake occurred on the northern island of Niuatoputapu. One British paper admitted: “There are no reports of…

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