Police investigating after items worth tens of thousands stolen in Nuku’alofa

    Fakatotolo e kau polisi' hili ha lāunga ne kaiha'asi ha koloa lau mano 'i he senitā Langafonua' mo ha 'api 'i Halavave. Ko e meimei ko ha koloa faka-Tonga kotoa 'eni ne kaiha'asi.

    Police in Tonga were searching for information related to burglaries that occurred in two separate incidents in Nuku’alofa.

    Various goods and items valued at around TP$20,400 were allegedly stolen at the Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga centre last month, local news media have reported.

    On a separate incident, goods valued at around $19,580 were allegedly stolen from a home in Hala’ovave. .

    A 47-year-old woman complaint to Police after she found out her goods had been missing either in August or September.

    Police were investigating the incidents.


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