Petition to sue former PMs involved in Tongasat payment

Kuo 'i ai ha tohi tangi kuo uki ke fakahū atu ki Fale Alea ke faka'ilo 'a Looti Sevele 'O Vailahi mo Loti Tu'ivakanō ko 'ena kaunga ki hono 'ave ta'efakalao 'o e pa'anga 'e 90 miliona ki he Tongasat mo Pilinisesi Pilolevu. Ko e tohi' ni 'e fakahū atu ia ki Fale Alea pea 'oku kei ngāue ki ai ha kulupu 'i Tonga.

A petition calling for a lawsuit to be filed against two former prime ministers for their roles in unlawful payment of Tongansat money is now being organised.

Lord Sevele ‘O Vailahi and Lord Tu’ivakanō were prime ministers in 2008 and 2011 when nearly US$50 million of grant money from China paid to Tonga government was transferred to Princess Pilolevu Tuita and Tongasat.

The company manages Tonga’s orbital space.

The Kele’a newspaper said a group is being tasked with organising the petition but it did not identify the group or people behind it.

The group was appealing for their cause and was in the process of gathering signatures, it said.

Since Tonga’s Supreme Court ruled last month the payments were unlawful, the scrutiny on Tongasat has intensified.

As Kaniva news reported last week, a proposal in Parliament on Monday by cabinet to sue Lord Sevele and Lord Tu’ivakanō for their involvements was passed on to the Law Committee.

The Acting Speaker said he had received a confidential Cabinet decision, but it was in English and needed to be translated into Tongan.

He did not say what was in the Cabinet decision.

The Speaker also said he has sought the Acting Attorney General’s advice and had received a response.

However, he did not say what the Acting Attorney General’s advice was.


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