VIDEO: ‘MMT Free Lawn Service’ video clips draw attention ahead of the big match

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Tongan fans have gone to all sorts of lengths to show their support for their team ahead of tonight’s big match.

With kickoff only a few hours away, there are cars and bicycles on the streets flying Tongan flags.

Manase Soakai has shown his support for Mate Ma’a Tonga by posting a series of video clips online.

Each of the three clips is slightly different, but each one shows him pushing a lawnmower decked out with two small and one large Tongan flag.

The clip on Facebook is tagged “MMT Free Lawn Service.”

Elsewhere in Auckland, fans in Glen Innes have decorated their house, hung out the Tongan flags and put up a huge sign letting everybody know which side they support.

In Otara, one fan has covered her mobility scooter in flags.

It’s not just Tongans who are supporting the Mate Ma’a. Tagata Pasifika has reported that a number of Islanders have decided they are Tongans too, at least for tonight’s match.

You can see the lawn mowing clips here:


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