Men accused of raping 53-yo woman in east Tongatapu appear in court

    Ha he fakamaau'anga ongo faka'iloa tukuaki'i ki hono tohotoho'i e fefine ta'u 53 i Holonga. Ko Heneli Valeli mo Timote Kaufusi mei Holonga pe.

    The men charged with raping of a 53 year-old woman in Holonga in July have been warned of their trespass order and told to stay away from the victim .

    Heneli Valeli and Timote Kaufusi appeared in the Mu’a Magistrate court on October 8.

    They have been charged with indecent assault and burglary, Taimi ‘O Tonga newspaper has reported.

    The court was told the duo had been drinking before they went looking for more alcohol, the paper said.

    They allegedly broke into a retail shop before they escaped with goods.

    They broke into the shop’s next door neighbour and allegedly raping the victim.

    The victim was home alone when the incident occurred.

    The accused are expected to reappear at the Supreme Court, the paper said.


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