Homicide investigation after Tongan teen died falling from car in Wellington

'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

A Tongan man who fell out of a moving car in Porirua has died and police said they were treating his death as a homicide.

Sosiua Helotu Ula, 19, was found with critical injuries after the incident on Warspite Ave just after 4pm on Sunday.

The Auckland resident was taken to Wellington Hospital, but died of his injuries on Tuesday night

“Just after 4pm on Sunday 7 October, Police and other emergency services attended a scene on Warspite Avenue, where a man was located on the road with critical injuries,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Christiaan Barnard.

Banard said Ula’s inquiries have established that he has fallen from a vehicle.

Wellington Police are still seeking the public’s help identifying anyone who may have witnessed this incident in Porirua on Sunday.

Ula was described as solidly built, around 185cm (6 foot) tall, with a short black hair cut.

He had a small amount of facial hair on his chin.

Police are seeking to reconstruct Ula’s movements before he sustained his fatal injuries, and are appealing to the public for help.

Police still wanting any sightings of a black Mercedes, registration GPW495.

Police would like to urgently speak to anyone who saw the Mercedes or any other car driving erratically near Waitangirua Mall that day.

Police are appealing for the driver of a red car driving east on Warspite Avenue that nearly had a head on crash with the Mercedes to come forward.

One person was taken into custody in relation to the incident and has been charged with driving while disqualified and supplying methamphetamine.

Anyone with information, no matter how small, can call Wellington Police Crime Squad on (04) 381 2000, or alternatively Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


  1. Kuo mate ‘i Uelingatoni ha tangata ta’u 19 Tonga kae nofo ‘Aokalani, Nu’u Sila koe’uhī ko ha’ane tō mei ha me’alele ka ‘oku tukuaki’i ‘e he kau polisi ngali ko e fakapō ‘eni pea ‘oku nau fakatotolo ki ai.

    Ko e tangata ‘en i ko Siosiua Helotu Ula.

    Ko e fakatamaki ‘eni ‘i he efiafi Sāpate ‘i he feitu’u ko ia ko Polilua ka ne toki mate ‘a Ula ‘i he fale mahaki Uelingatoni’ ‘i he efiafi Tūsite’.

    Kuo ‘osi puke ‘a e tokotaha kau ki he mate’ ni pea ‘oku kei kumi e kau polisi’ ki he me’alele ko e kā Mercedes, fika lēsisita GPW495.


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