VIDEO: Concerns mount as video, photos, emerge of bloody ritual led by Tongan cult leader who now claims she is God

'Oku 'i lalo ha vitiō 'i he talanoa'ni. 'I ai e hoha'a 'a ha tokolahi he mitia fakasōsiale' ki he tu'unga kuo a'u ki ai e kau lotu natula kehe 'a e fefine ko 'Esita Smith kuo' ne tala ko e 'Otua' ia'.

The followers of a Tongan preacher who claims she is God have been filmed weeping in agony after apparently injuring themselves at her instigation. A video, which has been shared on social media, shows them dropping on their knees on to a flat, solid object and injuring their knees. There has been a public outcry…

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