Two injured after shots fired at Tongatapu gas stations, four male and female suspects arrested

    Lavea toko ua 'i ha fana lolotonga e kaiha'a 'i ha ongo pausa kehekehe 'e ua 'i Tongatapu he hengihengi 'o e 'aho ni'. Kuo puke ai 'e he kau Polisi' ha toko fa ko e ua tangata mo e ua fefine.

    Police have arrested two male and female suspects after gun shots were fired during two separate armed robberies in two different gas stations this morning in Tongatapu.

    An attendant at Luna Eva gas station in Veitongo was still in hospital in a stable condition after he received multiple gun shot wounds, Police said.

    A security guard at the Konifelenisi gas station in Fanga received an injury to his left arm. He was medically treated at Vaiola hospital before he was released.

    Police said both shootings had been conducted by the same suspect.

    Police said that at around 3am, a masked man approached the Konifelenisi Gas Station at Fanga, and open fired into the building.

    The man, armed with a .22 semi-automatic rifle, demanded cash before fleeing the scene in a stolen vehicle that was parked at the station.

    At around 4am the same masked man approached the Luna’eva Gas Station in Veitongo.

    He was armed with the same rifle, demanded cash from the 31-year-old male station attendant.

    During this incident the suspect and the station attendant got into a fight where the suspect shot the station attendant four times, before fleeing the scene leaving behind the firearm as well as his disguise.

    Police arrested all four suspects from Sopu an hour later and have secured the firearm used in these crime.

    Police Investigation continues.


    1. Allow drugs to flow on the streets and crime will spike. ICE Meth and cocaine will destroy your people and your country, Nukualofa is awash in cocaine meth and ice. the outer islands have already seen I rise in home break-ins and violent crimes. it is truly disheartening to see this epidemic and the suffering it brings here in Tonga.
      This should be at the very top of the priorities of government to get educated in hunting and recognizing users. turning them on the dealers and them on the suppliers and transporters or smugglers.
      A Team specializing in this needs to be assembled and utilized with great expedience.
      you country depends on it the lives of your children depend on it.

    2. Taimi ke tautea ngaue popula 30 years without parole. Kuo fakahela e Kau hia he ngaahi aho ni


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