Tongatapu mother pleads not guilty to helping husband rape her 14-year-old daughter

    Talitonuhia e fa'ē 'i Tongatapu ki hono faka'ilo ia ki he'ene tokoni'i hono mali' 'i hono tohotoho'i ene tama fefine ta'u 14 pea fai 'e he husepāniti' foki ha ngaahi tō'onga fulikivanu ki hono 'ofefine ta'u 16

    The husband and his wife charged with raping and sexually abusing two daughters in Tongatapu have pleaded not guilty.

    The victims were 14 and 16 years’ old when the alleged crimes were committed against them.

    The husband was on trial in a lower court last week on 15 charges including raping, sexual violations and indecent assaults.

    His wife, the victims’ mother, also appeared in court after prosecutors said she assisted her husband while he was raping her daughter in their home.

    The mother’s two children were from a previous marriage.

    In 2017, the mother’s husband allegedly held the 14-year-old girl’s hands and he asked her mother to take off her daughter’s clothing, the court heard. None of the parties can be named for legal reasons.

    The man allegedly raped the victim while her mother was holding her hands.

    Although her daughter was pleading with her mother telling her it was painful, the mother kept on holding and telling her it would be fine and over shortly, according to reports by Kakalu ‘O Tonga newspaper.

    The court heard that in 2017 the husband allegedly exposed his genital and made obscene remarks to his wife’s 16-year-old daughter

    The abuse stopped following the couple’s arrest in 2017, after the 14-year-old was allegedly beaten by their mother, and was intervened by her sibling.

    They sought help from members of the public before a complaint was lodged with Police.

    The girls were later taken to the Women and Children Crisis Centre.


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