Police investigating sexual assault in Hamilton

'Ohofi fakamalohi'i ha fefine 'i Hemilitoni, Nu'u Sila he pongipongi Tokonaki taimi 1'45 png pea oku kei fakatotolo'i 'e he kau polisi.

Police are investigating a sexual assault in Hamilton in which the offender has entered a private address in the early hours of the morning.

A male unknown to the victim entered a house on a street south of the Dinsdale shopping centre about 1.45am on Saturday 1 September.

He has then sexually assaulted the female victim as she was asleep in her bed.

The male has then run from the address.

Attending Police, with the assistance of a Police dog unit, were unable to locate the male.

The male is described as wearing a white or tan-coloured t-shirt, about 6 foot tall, with wide shoulders, and wearing a beanie.

It’s possible he may have had a bicycle.

This was a frightening experience for the victim, who is being supported by Police.

Anyone who may have seen anything or anyone unusual in the Dinsdale area in the early hours of Saturday, or has information which may help us, is asked to contact Hamilton Police on (07) 858 6200


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