Hōfoa Police officer machete attack accused identified

    Kuo mahino mai 'eni e hingoa 'o e tokotaha tukuaki'i ki he tā helepelu'i 'o ha 'ōfisa polisi 'i Hōfoa he māhina Siulai' ko Pouono 'Aisake ta'u 28 pea ko e 'ōfisa ne lavea' ko 'Ahokava ta'u 36.

    The man charged in connection to an attack with a machete on a Police officer in a Hōfoa residence can now be identified.

    Pouono ‘Aisake, 28, appeared at Fasi Magistrate court earlier this month on charges of causing grievous bodily harm and obstruction of justice.

    The magistrate ordered ‘Aisake to remain in Police custody, Talaki newspaper reported.

    It was not clear whether or not the accused entered a plea.

    As Kaniva news reported in July ‘Aisake allegedly hit the Senior Police Constable on his head with a machete.

    The paper has named the officer only as ‘Ahokava.

    The attack occurred after Police received a report from a resident in Hofoa concerning the suspect who was trying to enter their house.

    When police arrived the suspect was inside one of the houses within the premises.

    When the officer opened the door, the suspect allegedly hit him on the right side of the head with the machete.


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