Fourteen people flown back to New Zealand by Australian authorities

Oku 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

A group of 14 people being returned by Australian authorities to New Zealand were met and assessed at Auckland International Airport today.

The group of 12 men and two women arrived on an Australian chartered aircraft this morning under Australian escort.

New Zealand authorities were aware of their arrival through established information sharing arrangements.

On arrival the group were assessed by Police and partner agencies including the Department of Corrections.

The priority for Police is to ensure community safety and assist agencies responsible for facilitating their reintegration into the community.

The Returning Offenders (Management and Information) Act enables information to be required from eligible individuals under the Act, and the supervision of those individuals by Corrections probation officers.

Supervised individuals are subject to standard release conditions, which include reporting to a probation officer and restrictions on where the individual can live, and may be subject to special conditions, such as being required to participate in a rehabilitation or reintegration programme.

When a person is not eligible under the Act, Police still assesses the risk of that individual and puts in place any necessary preventative measures required within the current law.

Between 1 January 2015 and 3 August 2018, 1,394 New Zealanders have been removed from Australia since the amendment of Australian legislation in December 2014.

Police will not confirm the identities of returning individuals, or discuss their backgrounds.


  1. Na’e fakafoki mei ‘Aositelēlia ki Nu’u Sila ha kakai ‘e took 14 he pongipongi’ ni pea ne fakafe’ao vakapuna mai pe ‘eni ‘e ha kau ma’umafai ‘Aositelēlia.

    Ne tū’uta ki Nu’u Sila e kulupu ko ‘eni ko ha toko 12 tangata ua fefine ‘i ha vakapuna nō.

    ‘Oku ‘ikai tuku mai ha fakaikiiki e kau folau’ ni ka ‘oku mahino ne ‘osi fai pe ‘a e femahino’aki ‘a e ongo pule’anga ki he fakafoki ko ‘eni.

    ‘Oku kei tokanga’i pe kulupu ni ke toki fai hano tuku ange ‘i ha ngaahi makatu’unga ‘a ia ‘e kau ai ‘a e līpooti ki ha ‘ōfisa polopēsio pea fakangatangata mo e feitu’u te nau lava nofo ai.


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