Children sick after reports plane drops toxic at Carterton school

Kuo ‘ave ha fanau ako ‘e toko valu ki fale mahaki pea puke toko 30 hili ‘eni ha tukuaki’i ne lingi mo puhi hifo mei ha vakapuna ha kemikale kona ‘i ha fo’i ngaue kuo pehe ko e fehalaaki. Hoko tonu ‘eni he ‘api ako Carterton ‘i Wairarapa, Nu’u Sila he taimi 2ef ‘o e ‘aho ni’.

Wairarapa, NZ – Emergency services responded to a report that a number of children were feeling unwell at a school on High Street in Carterton at around 2.30pm.

Eight children are being sent to hospital after reports a plane “accidentally sprayed” two Carterton schools with pesticide.

All students at Carterton’s South End and Montessori schools – which share a campus – will be go through a decontamination process after a strong sulfur smell was detected on Friday afternoon.

About 30 children fell ill after breathing in the unknown substance, with around four or five students reportedly vomiting.

Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand and Ambulance attended.

Teachers have confirmed they noticed an unpleasant smell which quickly disappeared.

As part of those enquiries Police are going door to door in the area checking on residents’ welfare and trying to locate the source of the smell.

The school grounds are also being searched.

Responding to reports of a low-lying plane flying over the school when the children fell ill, Wairarapa Police senior sergeant Mike Sutton was unable to confirm whether there was a link, Fairfax media has reported.

Parry said there were “plenty of rumours going around” about the cause.


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