Cemetery vandalism: Family scared to talk to Kaniva because of their suspect’s criminal background

    Ilifia e famili ne maumau'i e fa'itoka 'enau fa'ee' 'i Aokalani, Nu'u Sila he to e talanoa ki he Kaniva' naa toe hoko ha me'a hili ia 'enau 'ilo ko e tokotaha ne mahalo'i 'oku 'i ai hono lekooti faihia.

    A Tongan family in Auckland who has been devastated after their mother’s grave was vandalised was scared to talk to us after they learnt their suspect had been allegedly jailed in the past.

    The deceased’s daughter told Kaniva news they did not want to talk in fear the suspect might retaliate.

    Lineni Kioa Hafoka alleged another grave belonged to relatives was also damaged as part of the vandalism.

    Hafoka said a cousin has seen on internet about the damage made to her mother’s grave.

    The cousin then checked her parent’s grave and found out it was also damaged.

    Hafoka said they were shocked after they found out the suspect was a close relative.

    She said they were satisfied with the information they got about the suspect and they thought it was better “to leave everything to God.”

    As Kaniva news reported last month Hafoka’s family found two large holes at both ends of the grave.

    They also found what appeared to be a mixture of garlic and salt left on the mouths of the holes spread on the grave at Manukau Memorial Garden cemetery.

    Hafoka said the vandalism was a result of person who was sick and her family believed the spirit of their dead mother was harming the patient.


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