Accused killer of Vaiola victim has mental health problems

    Kuo kamata he māhina' ni hono hopo'i 'o Sione Ma'u ta'u 37 'o Talafo'ou' ki he pekia 'a Kennedy Holani ta'u 33 hili 'a e tukuaki'i fakapō 'i fale mahaki Vaiola 'i 'Aokosi 2017. 'Oku tukuaki'i ne 'i ai e mahaki faka'atamai 'o e pekia' mo e taha kuo faka'ilo hia'

    The man accused of killing a man at Vaiola hospital has mental health issues and lived at the hospital’s psychiatric ward, it has been claimed.

    Sione Ma’u, 37, of Talafo’ou appeared at the Supreme Court earlier this month charged with murder of Kennedy Holani, 33, the Talaki newspaper has reported.

    The incident occurred on 27 August 2017.

    Ma’u and his lawyer has elected to stand trial by jury.

    The paper said he has been ordered to remain in Police custody before he would reappear in court for  his trial.

    As Tonga Broadcasting Commission reported last year, Ma’u allegedly punched and kicked the victim during an altercation.

    The victim and the accused were both patients at the psychiatric ward.


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