Not guilty verdict in manslaughter case

    Tuku ange 'e he fakamaau'anga mā'olunga 'i 'Aokalani' 'a e toko taha ne tukuaki'i ne ne tuki'i 'o mate 'a e tangata ko 'ene fa'ee' ko ha Tonga kae tamai Fisi 'Initia 'i Nu'u Sila. Pehē 'e he kau sula' ne nau tui ki he taukapo 'a e faka'iloa' 'o pehē ne 'ikai lava ke fai 'e ia 'a e tuki ko ia' he ne 'i ai 'a e faingtata'a fakaesino ki hono nima'.

    The High Court in Auckland has found a man charged with manslaughter not guilty.

    Carlos Pula had been on trial over the death last August of Reginald Sharma, who was of Tongan-Indo Fijian descent.

    Sharma, whose mother is Tongan and his father is Fijian-Indian, died of a single punch to the head.

    Pula’s defence said he was not capable of making a fist.

    Pula originally had name suppression.

    The jury was told the events leading up to the incident began at the Gemini bar in Otahuhu and ended up at Haughey Avenue in Mt Roskill.

    Several people were drinking.

    The prosecution said Sharma had been “minding his own business” and did not provoke anybody.

    He was described as “an absolutely innocent bystander”.

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