Tongan patients want Chinese medical ship ‘to stay longer’, more than 5000 treated

    'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

    Thousands of patients in Tonga wished the Chinese medical ship Ark Peace had stayed longer than scheduled, according to the Chinese Embassy in Nuku‘alofa.

    While the Chinese medical experts were in Nuku’alofa on August 13 for a week they treated 5,532 patients.

    The number included 2,598 persons who received auxiliary examinations, 28 inpatients who were hospitalized,while 34 surgeries were performed.

    The Chinese mission to the kingdom was a success.

    “With the strong support of the Tongan government and concerted efforts of both sides, the visit was a complete success and was applauded by the people of all walks of life of Tonga,” a spokesperson told Kaniva News.

    “We heard many local people comment that the duration for the medical service was a bit short and they expected it to stay longer.

    “This is the second time that Ark Peace visits Tonga after its first visit to the Kingdom in August 2014, and it is anticipated that it will visit Tonga again in the future though the specific time is yet to be discussed and decided by China and Tonga.”

    Asked if they could give us an estimate of how much the ship spent to conduct its mission in Tonga, the spokesperson said:

    “We do not have information on how much the Ship spent to complete the mission in Tonga.”


    1. Faka’amu ha tokolahi ‘o e lau afe ne faito’o honau ngaahi mahaki kehekehe pe ‘i he vaka fale mahaki ‘a Siaina ko e ‘A’ake ‘o e Melino’ ne toe fuoloa atu e nofo ‘a e vaka’ hili ‘ene tū’uta ‘i Tonga he ‘aho 13 ‘Akosi’.

      Fe’unga mo e toko 5,532 fakakātoa ne lava faito’o he faito’o ta’etotongi ko ‘eni. Ko e toko 2598 ai ne fai honau sivi, toko 28 ne fakatokoto pea tafa ‘a e toko 34.

      ‘Oku taku ‘e he ‘ōfisi ‘emipasī ‘a Siaina ‘i Tonga na’e ikuna pea fakafiefia lahi e ola ‘o e misiona tokoni ‘ofa ne folau mai mo e vaka’ ni.

      ‘E toe foki mai pe ‘a e vaka’ ni ki Tonga ‘i he kaha’u’ ka ‘oku te’eki fakapapau’i ‘a e taimi ko ia’.


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