Tongan murderer: guard charged over prison sex scandal

    Prison officer Amy Connors, suspended after reportedly having sex with a cop killer in his Kempsey jail cell is just one of many female officers having affairs with criminals behind bars.

    Radio 2GB reports that Connors allegedly snuck into the cell of Sione Penisini — who is serving 36 years for murdering Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay in 2002 — while working the night shift at the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre.

    The woman had since posted on Instagram a photograph of the ring finger on her left hand tattooed with her inmate lover’s initials.

    Another female prison officer may have been under the influence of methamphetamine while having sex with Jesse Kelly in Silverwater Correctional Centre.

    Following 2GB’s revelations about Sione Penisini’s alleged sexual relationship with Ms Connors, NSW Corrective Services moved him from Kempsey prison overnight on Monday.

    Penisini is now reported to be in Goulburn Correctional Centre, possibly in the High Risk Management prison, also known as Supermax, within the complex.

    Penisini was one of four men convicted over the death of 26-year-old Glen McEnallay.

    Senior Constable McEnallay was chasing a stolen car in Hillsdale in Sydney’s east on March 27, 2002, when the car crashed.

    Before back-up could arrive, shots were fired from the vehicle less than three metres from Senior Constable McEnallay’s police car.

    He was struck three times in the head and chest, and clung on for a week before his life support was switched off.

    Sione Penisini, the gunman, was convicted of his murder and won’t be eligible for parole until 2029.

    Brothers Motekiai and John Taufahema were convicted of manslaughter after having their murder convictions overturned on appeal, and have since been deported back to Tonga.

    Meli Lagi was convicted on firearms offences.

    NSW Corrective Services minister David Elliott was forced to apologise to Glen McEnallay’s family following revelations about Ms Connors affair with Penisini.

    Mr Elliott said penalties would be introduced for such a breach, which endangered the lives of other prison officers on duty in NSW correctional centres.

    NSW Correctives Services is investigating the alleged prison assault by Sione Penisini on another inmate in Kempsey after several weeks surveillance of the killer inside the facility.

    Source:, abridged by Kaniva News


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