Tongan man dies while defending his female friend in Australia

    Tui hele'i 'o mate ha tangata Tonga ko Ben 'Apikotoa 'i Senē, 'Aositelēlia 'aneafi Sāpate ko hono 12. Kuo puke ai 'e he kau polisi' ha matāpule 'uli'uli tukuaki'i ki he hia ko e fakapō.

    By GRETA LEVY FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA A Tongan man has died while trying to defend a female friend from her former partner. Ben Apikotoa, who is described as “kind, caring and affectionate” by his family, was stabbed multiple times on Saturday night after reportedly being called to a home in Sydney’s west by his friend, Cassie…

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