Tongan family ‘disheartened’ by damages to mother’s grave in Auckland

A Tongan family in Auckland has been devastated after vandals damaged their mother’s grave by opening large holes at both ends of the grave.

They also found what appeared to be a mixture of garlic and salt left on the mouths of the holes spread on the grave at Manukau Memorial Garden cemetery.

The family said they were hugely shocked by the incident and branded the person or persons who did the vandalism as people who had nothing in their minds (“oku momoa mooni ee fakakaukau”).

The family posted pictures of the damage on Facebook and asked their followers and friends to share them as a way to give them relief.

The grave belonged to Uheina Tina Kioa, who died on August 1, 2015.

Her daughter, Lineni Kioa Hafoka, told Kaniva they had a suspect and had reported it to the authorities.

Kaniva News cannot release the details of their suspect at this stage for legal reasons.

She said an investigation was underway, but authorities said it could take some time because not all areas in the cemetery were covered by CCTV.

Lineni said the vandalism was a result of person who was sick and her family believed the spirit of their dead mother was harming the patient.

Lineni’s sister-in-law, who went by the name Jae Lexx Hau, on Facebook shared the family’s griefs.

Hau said the damage was probably caused two weeks ago, but was not exactly sure of the date it occurred.

“It was Saturday that my older brother visited and found out that someone had done this. We went over Sunday afternoon to make sure what it was and I tell you how disheartening this was to see,” Hau said.

Hau described the damage to the grave on Facebook and asked people who had any information that might help find the vandals to contact them.

“Dug Two really deep holes, one by her head and the other by her leg with garlic and salt in it and all over her plot.

“Hoi e! please share because I can’t stand this right now ?????? Let us know if you know who did this!!!!!!,” she posted.

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  1. ‘Oku lolotonga mo’utāfu’ua ha fāmili Tonga ‘i ‘Aokalani, Nu’u Sila he maumau kuo fai ‘e ha ni’ihi ta’efakakaukau ki he fa’itoka ‘enau fa’e`’ ‘i he Manukau Memorial Garden cemetery.

    Ko ha ongo fo’i luo lalahi ‘eni ‘e ua ne keli’i ‘o ava ‘i mu’a mo mui he funga fa’itoka pea ‘asi ne lingi ai ha me’a hangē ha māsima mo e kāliki.

    Ko e pekia’ ko ‘Uheina Hafoka pea ne pehē ‘e he’ene ta’ahine’, Lineni Hafoka kuo ‘osi ‘i ai pe ‘enau mahamahalo pea kuo ‘osi ‘ave kotoa pe ‘a e lāunga ki he kau ma’u mafai’.

    ‘Oku lolotonga lele ha fakatotolo ki ai.

    Pehē ‘e Lineni ko ‘enau tui ko e toko taha ‘oku puke fakatēvolo ‘o taku ko e ngaahi ‘e ‘Uheina ‘o tupu ai ‘a e maumau ko ‘eni ki he fa’itoka’.


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