Senior police officer attacked with a machete in Tongatapu

'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

A police officer was attacked with a machete and injured in a frenzied attack after trying to remove a man from a house in Hofoa last night at about 8pm.

Police received a report from a resident in Hofoa concerning the suspect who was climbing over their fence trying to gain access to their house, Acting Police Commissioner Pelenatita Vaisuai said.

When police arrived the suspect was inside one of the houses within the premises.

When Police opened the door, the suspect hit the Senior Police Constable on the right side of the head with the machete.

Separate units had to respond and arrested the suspect while the injured officer was rushed to hospital.

Acting Police Commissioner Vaisuai says, “We have recognized that with the increased use of alcohol and drugs, the risk to the safety of our police officers has also increased. A review of our staff safety has been completed with a view for appropriate training and equipment to ensure better protection for our officers.”

The suspect is in police custody while investigation continues.

The injured Senior Police Constable is in stable condition at Vaiola Hospital.


  1. Ne lavea lahi ha ‘ōfisa polisi mā’olunga ‘i Hōfoa ‘anepō ‘i hano ‘ohofi ‘aki ha helepelu lolotonga e ngāue atu ‘a e kau polisi ki ha lāunga pehē ne kaka ‘ā ha tangata ‘o hū ki fale.

    Kuo puke ‘a e tokotaha fakalavea ‘e he kau polisi ka ‘oku ‘i he tu’unga fakafiemālie pe ‘a e ‘ōfisa polisi’ ‘i fale mahaki.


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