Govt official who successfully sued PSC returns to Infrastructure’s CEO role

The government official who successfully sought a judicial declaration that the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) decision not to re-appoint him as CEO of Infrastructure in 2015 was unlawful, has returned to the Ministry’s role.

The PSC said yesterday it is pleased to announce that Ringo Kalahuni Fa’oliu has been appointed as the Ministry of Infrastructure’s new CEO.

He will lead the Ministry for four years with effect from 6 August 2018.

Fa’oliu previously served as CEO of the Ministry from 2012 to 2015.

He was interviewed for the position in 2015 and was given indication to understand that his reappointment was imminent.

However, the then Commission chairman wrote to the Minister of the Ministry, saying that a series of reports indicated that during Mr. Fa’oliu’s previous term as CEO, there had been failures to comply with procurement procedures, significant overpayments to contractors and the inappropriate use of daily paid workers without regard for public service policy or budget allocations.

A lengthy and complicated legal battle ensued, with, among other matters, the Commission offering to reconvene the recruitment process.

The judge said the PSC decision to cancel the reappointment of Fa’oliu was biased and partial.

Mr Fa’oliu was first recruited to the public service in 1987 and has since been serving in various senior management and technical positions in the government mainly the Ministry of Works which is now known as the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Mr Fa’oliu holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He is also a Professional Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia.

He also holds a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering (Civil), New Zealand Qualifications Authority and an Advanced Certificate in Construction Studies from Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.

For further information:

Supreme Court declares Public Service Commission’s decision on CEO was unlawful


  1. Foki e ‘ofisa fakapule’anga na’a ne faka’ilo ‘a e PSC he hili ‘enau fakahā kuo ne ma’u ‘a e ‘initaviu’ pea ko ia kuo mahino ‘e toe fili ki he lakanga CEO ‘a e MOI ka ne iku ‘o nau toe kaniseli.

    Na’e tali ‘e he fakamaau lahi he ta’u kuo ‘osi’ e tangi ‘a Ringo Fa’oliu he tu’utu’uni hala ‘a e sea ‘o e PSC pea iku ‘o tu’utu’uni e fakamaau’anga ke toe faka’eke’eke fo’ou e lakanga’ pea ke toe tohi ki ai ‘a Fa’oliu.

    Kaekehe kuo fakahā ‘e he PSC ‘aneafi ‘enau talamonū kia Fa’oliu ‘i hono lakanga ko ‘eni ko e CEO ‘a e MOI ‘e ia ‘e kamata lau mei he Mōnite ‘aho 6 ‘o lele ai ‘i he ta’u ‘e 4.

    Kuo ‘osi ma’u hono ngaahi mata’itohi pea taukei he fa’ahinga ngaue foki ko ‘eni’


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