Police Board weighs years of loyal service, decides not sack Superintendent over escape

'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

Police Superintendent Tu’ungafasi Polelei Falakiseni has escaped being sacked, but has been reduced to the rank of Chief Inspector of Police.

The Police Board reduced his rank because of his involvement in the escape of American Dean Jay Fletcher, who was being held following the death of his wife.

Fletcher was arrested on 9 July 2016 and taken to the Magistrate charged with the crime of Manslaughter. The Magistrate ordered that Fletcher be remanded to Police custody to be brought to court on July 11, 2016.

Fletcher had tried to flee once before but managed to escape from custody and sail to American Samoa on his yacht.

Fletcher had been in a cell, but was moved to an interview room one night due to an influx of prisoners.

Falakiseni gave orders for the transfer and meant it to be for one night only, but did not check that it had been carried out properly. Fletcher escaped on September 29, 2016.

Fletcher sailed to Pago Pago, American Samoa. The Tongan government requested his extradition, but this was denied. He was then transferred to Hawai’i and another request to have him returned to Tonga was also refused by American authorities.

Following an investigation into the escape, several police officers were reprimanded and Falakiseni was issued with a Notice of Loss of Confidence on October 16, 2017. He was also warned that the Police Employment Committee was considering terminating his employment.

The PEC said Fletcher’s escape from Police custody was directly linked to  Falakiseni’s “negligence, lack of judgment, lack of direction  and oversight.”

It said Fletcher had been put into the interview room even though Fletcher was a high risk poriosner.

“Fletcher’s yacht Sea Oak was not properly secured and his passport, cash and credit cards  were not  properly secured.

“The escape has caused huge embarrassment to the Tonga Police, the Government of Tonga and the  Kingdom  of Tonga. Further, the  deceased’s  family is still deprived of the  justice  for  the brutal murder  of their  loved  one. “

Falakiseni admitted the allegations made against him and said he wanted to apologise.

On July 13 this year the PEC change its mind and sought to reduce Falakiseni in rank rather than sack him.

The Committee said there had been no corruption and that Falakiseni had been honest and co-operative  during the investigation. It also took into account his unblemished  record  of 34 years  of service.

The PEC said it also acknowledged his “loyalty and ongoing commitment to his job and the Tonga Police despite knowing  PEC’s intent to terminate his appointment  in the  earlier  decision.”

The Chair of the Police Board, Justice Cato, ordered that Falakiseni’s rank be reduced.

However, he said the board did not agree with the PEC’s desire to reduce Falakiseni’s salary as well, saying this would be a double punishment. He would therefore continue to receive his existing salary.

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  1. Kuo hao ‘a Tu’ungafasi Polelei Falakiseni mei hano kapusi ia ka na’e holoki hono lakanga’ mei he supa’initeniteni ki he lakanga ko e ‘Inisipekita Pule Polisi pe Chief Inspector of Police.

    Ko e tu’utu’uni ‘eni ‘a e Poate Polisi ke fakahoko ‘a e holoki lakanga’ ni koe’uhi ko e kaunga ‘a Falakiseni ki he hao ‘a e tangata ‘Amelika ko Dean Jay Fletcher ne lolotonga puke hili e mate ‘a hono uaifi’’i Vava’u.

    Na’e puke ‘a Fletecher ‘i he ‘aho 9 Siulai 2016 pea faka’ilo ia ‘i he Fakamaau’anga Polisi’ ki he hia ko e tāmate tangata.

    Ne tu’utu’uni ‘a e Fakamaau Polisi’ ke tauhi ‘a Fletcher ‘i he kau polisi ke hopo’i he ‘aho 11 Siulai 2016.

    Ne ‘uluaki feinga hola ai ‘a Fletcher ka ne toki lava ‘ene hola’ ki mui ‘o iku folau ai ia ki Ha’amoa ‘Amelika ‘i ha ‘iote.

    Ne tuku pilīsone ‘a Fletcher lolotonga ‘ene ‘i he kau polisi Vava’u’ ka ne iku fakahiki ia ki ha loki faka’eke’eke pe ‘i ‘api polisi ‘i ha pō ‘e taha koe’uhi ne fonu ‘a e pilīsone’.

    Ko Falakiseni ne ne fai ‘a e tu’utu’uni ko ia’ ka ne ‘uhinga pe ki he pō ‘e taha pea fakafoki ki pilīsone.

    Ka ne ‘ikai ke ne toe vakai’i pe ne fakakakato ‘ene tu’utu’uni ko ia’.

    Ne hola ‘a Flectcher he ‘aho 29 Sepitema 2016.

    Na’e pehē ‘e he poate’ na’e ta’etokanga ‘a Falekiseni ‘o tupu ai e hola ‘a Fletcher pea ko e fakamā lahi ‘eni ki he Polisi Tonga’.

    Na’e ‘i ai ha kau polisi kehe ne tautea akonaki’i he me’a ni ka e ‘uluaki ‘oatu e fakatokanga kia Falakiseni ko ia ‘e tuli pea ‘e ngāue ki ai ‘a e poate’.

    Ka ‘i he mahino ‘a hono lekooti lelei he ngāue’, pea fie tokoni ki he fakatotolo na’e fai’, faitotonu mo ne kole fakamolemole kau ai mo e ‘ikai ha ‘ila ‘i hono lēkooti ngāue he polisi’ he ta’u ‘e 34 na’e meesi ai ‘a e poate’ ‘o holoki pe hono tu’unga’.

    Ne sea he fakamaau ‘a e poate’ ‘a e fakamaau lahi’ ko Charles Cato pea’ ne ne pehē ne fokotu’u mai ke holoki mo e vāhenga ‘o Falakiseni’ ka ne ‘ikai tui tatau ai e Poate’ mo e Kōmiti Ngāue ‘a e Kau Polisi’ koe’uhī he ‘e lau ia kuo tautea’i tu’o ua ia.

    Ko ia ai ‘oku tu’u ma’u pe ‘ene vahe’ kae holoki pe hono lakanga’.


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