New CEO for Ministry of Customs and Revenue

    Fakanofo 'a Kelemete ko e CEO fo'ou ia 'a e Potungāue Kasitomu' mo e Leveniu' kamata he 'aho 10 'Aokosi' 'o lele ai 'i ha ta'u 'e fā

    A new CEO has been appointed for the Ministry of Customs and Revenue.

    He was Kelemete Vahe and his appointment took effect from August 10 for four years.

    Mr Vahe was a Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry where he oversaw the operations of the Customs division.

    Mr Vahe holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

    He was first recruited to the public service in 1979 and has since served in various senior management leadership positions mainly in the Ministry of Revenue and Customs.

    “The Public Service Commission welcomes Mr Soane Patita Vahe appointment as the CEO for Ministry of Revenue and Customs and wishes him a successful and a fulfilling term in Office.”


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