Missing girl’s family “happy and relieved”

Kuo ma'u 'e he kau polisi' 'anepō 'a Meliame Nai ta'u 16 ne puli mei Mangere 'i he Tokonaki kuo 'osi' fakatatau 'eni ki ha fakamatala 'a 'ene tamai' ki he ongoongo 'a e Kaniva' he pongipongi' ni. 'Oku' ne kei 'i he kau polisi' fakataha mo hono kaungāme'a he ako' ka ko e Mauli fefine 'eni pea 'oku 'amanaki ke nau fakataha mo e tangata'eiki' mo e kau polisi' he 'aho' ni ai pe.

Meliame Nai’s family are “very happy and relieved” their 16-year-old daughter has been found safe and well but they will not be reunited until today, at the earliest.

His father Lōpeti Nai said the teenager and her 16-year-old girl friend were with Police since last night.

He said Police contacted him to report the finding and a meeting was scheduled for today before he would find out what had actually happened.

He was happy and relieved that her daughter and her friend were found.

“I would like to thank the public and the media for their help as I believed their assistance helped Police a lot in finding them,” Lōpeti told Kaniva news this morning.

As we reported yesterday, Meliame with her Maori school friend disappeared while walking to a dairy last Saturday night in Māngere East.

Her father first reported their disappearance on Facebook yesterday morning appealing for the public to help find the duo.


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