Fe’iloakitau, 22, sobs after bail refused on sawn-off shotgun charges

    'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

    The Tongan girlfriend of the man whose “f**k the police” video went viral sobbed in police cells after being refused bail on drug, sawn-off shotgun charges.

    EXCLUSIVE (news.com.au)

    The young girlfriend of a man whose “f**k the police” video went viral has sobbed in police cells after she was refused bail on multiple drug and weapons charges allegedly arising from an Instagram post.

    Kyera Feiloakitau, 22, will now likely be moved to a women’s prison to await a further hearing following a police raid on the flat she shared with boyfriend Bahaa Youssef.

    Ms Feiloakitau sobbed, visibly shook and buried her head in her lap in Sydney’s Surry Hills police cell video booth as it became apparent she would not be granted release from custody.

    Her mother also wept in Central Local Court as magistrate Robert Williams said the accused posed a risk of interfering with witnesses if let back into the community.

    The court heard that police raided the couple’s Sydney flat after Ms Feiloakitau posted on Instagram pictures of the drug cannabis and a backpack.

    Inside the backpack, police allegedly found a sawn off shotgun, and 750g cannabis in the flat.

    Ms Feiloakitau was laid with 13 drug, weapon and stolen goods charges.

    Police charged Mr Youssef, 27, who allegedly bit and kicked police officers after the arrest, with 32 drug, firearms and assault charges including wound police and possessing a sawn-off shotgun.

    Mr Youssef, who has “f**k the police” tattooed on his forearm has previously called himself “self made man” on Facebook.

    He went viral last year after filming himself calling police dogs in a filthy tirade which included the taunt, “I f**ked your mum last night”.

    Police raided the couple’s flat in 2017 and on that occasion, Ms Feiloakitau allegedly told police, “If I had an AK47 … I would shoot you. You are dogs.”

    She was not charged and Mr Youssef was acquitted on drug and offensive language charges.

    But earlier this month police again went to the couple’s flat after Ms Feiloakitau posted images on Instagram.

    Her lawyer Pawel Kulisiewicz told the court his client’s Instagram post of “what appears to be cannabis” and a backpack had sparked the police raid.

    “But there is no evidence she knew the shotgun was in the backpack,” Mr Kulisiewicz told magistrate Robert Williams.

    Ms Feiloakitau was granted bail the day after her arrest, but police revoked it after she breached one of the conditions that she not speak with her co-accused.

    Mr Kulisiewicz said Ms Feiloakitau, “a young girl … who is in love” only spoke with Mr Youssef after a friend handed over their mobile phone during a jail call with her co-accused.

    Mr Youssef is being held in the maximum security Metropolitan Reman d Centre at Silverwater in western Sydney.

    Ms Feiloakitau had admitted the breach, Mr Kulisiewicz said, but had only spoken with Mr Youssef ”unremarkable” things.

    She had spoken with Mr Youssef about “a gold key” belonging to Mr Youssef’s late father, his “inheritance and … Egyptian background”.

    But prosecutors “strongly opposed” bail and Mr Williams said the phone call between the accused coupe was “a serious and blatant breach” of bail conditions.

    Ms Feiloakitau is charged with supply prohibited drug of less than indictable quantity, four counts of possess prohibited drug, two of goods suspected stolen, and one each of possess ammunition, an unauthorised firearm, a shortened firearm, an unregistered firearm, of not keep firearm safely and knowingly allow use as drug premises.

    Last year, Mr Youssef posted a video on Facebook of his encounter with police after officers asked him for identification near his home in Sydney’s Redfern.

    “Youse know who I am, why do you [need to] see ID?” the man asks. “You just walked up to me stating my name.”

    The video cuts to the police officers leaving as he yells and swears at them, calling them “dogs”. “Look at the dogs,” he says.

    “Look at him the fat dog, the s*** ganga. I f***** your mum last night and I banged her in the a******, c***** …

    “Look at this fat dog smoking his c*** and rock. Thank you for sucking my d***. See yas later. Keep harassing me. F*** your mum, all four of youse.”

    After a Sydney magistrate acquitted him last year, Mr Youssef told news.com.au he had no family and the police were against him.


    1. Tangi halotulotu e ki’i fefine Tonga ‘i ha pilīsone ‘i Senē, ‘Aositelēlia hili ‘eni ha ‘ikai tali ke malu’i ki tu’a ‘i hano faka’ilo ia ki he hia ko e ma’u mo e faito’o konatapu mo ha me’afana sotikani.

      Ko hono kaume’a foki ē ne ma’ave’ave ha fo’i vitiō ‘ene lea ta’etaau ai ki he kau polisi’.

      Ko e tau 22 ‘eni ‘o e fefine’ ni pea ngali na’a hiki ia ki he pilīsone ‘o e kakai fefine’ ‘o tali hopo ai hili hano ‘ohofi ‘o hua hono feleti mo hono kaume’a’ ‘e he kau polisi’.

      ‘I he lipooti mei ‘Aositelēlia, na’e kalokalo, halotu pea punou hono ‘ulu’ hono alanga’ he pilīsone Surry Hills lolotonga ha’ane hā ‘i ha fo’i vitiō hili ‘eni ‘a e mahino ‘e ‘ikai tuku ange ia ki tu’a ka ko ‘ene tali hopo ai pē ‘i pilīsone.

      Na’e tangi atu foki mo ‘ene fa’ee’ ‘i he fakamaau’anga Central Local Court lolotonga ia hano fakamahino ‘e Fakamaau Polisi Robert Williams ‘oku fakatu’utāmaki ki he komiunitii’ ka tuku ange mai ‘a Fe’iloakitau ki tu’a.


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