Chinese hospital ship “more advanced” than Vaiola hospital, says Deputy Prime Minister

    'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

    Tonga’s Deputy Prime Minister said the Chinese hospital ship which was welcomed at Vuna wharf was more advanced than Tonga’s main hospital.

    Hon Sēmisi Sika and a delegation boarded the ship on Monday morning as part of a ceremony to mark the arrival of the Peace Ark in Nuku’alofa.

    Hon Sika congratulated the Chinese government for the vessel’s Mission Harmony and the plans to include Tonga in its regional visits.

    Hon Sika and the Chinese Ambassador HE Wang Baodong spoke during the welcoming event.

    Mr. Wang said: “Over the past 20 years since China and Tonga established diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have maintained constant development with deepening exchanges and increasing cooperation in various fields which have brought more benefits to our two countries and their people.”

    Mr. Baodong said that the visit of the Ark Peace is “of great significance” on the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tonga-China diplomatic relations.

    He believed that the visit will reinforce the cooperation of China and Tonga in health, military and enhance their friendship.

    Rear Admiral Guan Bailin said that the Ark Peace is an “old friend of Tonga.”

    “Three years ago, we were here from August 13th to the 20th. We were and are still impressed by your unique natural beauty, kind and hospitable people. This second visit this time is just like a joyful get together for old friends while it is surprising that the current visit is also from August 13th – 20th.

    “In the following few days, we will provide free medical services, ship tool and exchange culture entertainments to further deepen our mutual understanding, expand communication and cooperation to cement the traditional friendship,” he said.

    The Ark Peace will leave Tonga next Monday.


    1. ‘Oku fakaonopooni ‘aupito ‘a e vaka fakafale mahaki ‘A’ake ‘o e Melino’ mei Siaina ‘a ia ‘oku’ ne lolotonga ‘i Tonga ke tokonia ha kau mahaki te nau fiema’u.

      Pehē ‘e he Tokoni Palēmia’ Hon Sēmisi Sika ‘oku fakaonopooni ange ‘eni ia he fale mahaki Vaiola ‘a Tonga’.

      Na’a’ ne fakamālō’ia ‘a e tokoni kaafakafa ta’e totongi ko ‘eni kuo fai ki he fonua’mei Siaina’.


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