UK funding to help boost human rights in Tonga as part of Pacific-wide project

'Oku taupotu i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

Seven months after Solicitor General Sione Sisifā said Tonga did not have the resources to establish a human rights body, a United Kingdom grant may help the kingdom improve its record.

Speaking in January, Sisifā said Tongans could petition the King over human rights abuses.

“For small island states including Tonga the establishment of a national human rights institution is still not feasible financially and technically,” Sisifā said.

As Kaniva Tonga reported in January, the UK urged Tonga to sign core human rights conventions.

It also encouraged Tonga to establish a National Human Rights Institution.

Now the UK is providing a £1.8 million grant through the Pacific Community to help improve the capacity of nine Pacific Commonwealth countries deliver on their human rights.

The money has been set aside for projects in Tonga, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

The Pacific Commonwealth Equality Project will support emerging national human rights institutions, provide technical support to develop National Human Rights Action plans and create platforms for Members of Parliament and civil society leaders to champion human rights.

SPC’s Deputy Director-General, Dr Audrey Aumua, said Pacific countries were making steady progress in developing a legal and social environment to promote human rights.

“With the support of partners like the UK Government, we are nearing a turning point in achieving our common goal of a Pacific future based on equality for all,” Dr Aumua said.

The project funding will run from July 2018 to March 2020.

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  1. ‘Osi ha māhina ‘e fitu mei hano pehē ‘e he solisitoa seniale ‘a Tonga’ Sione Sisitā ‘oku ‘ikai ma’u ‘e Tonga ha nāunau ke fokotu’u ha sino ki he Totonu ‘a e Tangata’ kuo ‘i ai ‘eni ha pa’anga tokoni mei he Pule’anga Pilitānia’ ngali na’a lava ke tokoni ki hano fakalelei’i ‘ene lēkōti’.

    Hangē ko ia ne līpooti ‘e he Kaniva’ ‘i Sanuali’ na’e faka’ai’ai ‘e Pilitānia ‘a Tonga ke fakamo’oni he ngaahi konivēsio tefito ki he Totonu ‘a e Tangata’.

    Na’a’ ne toe faka’ai’ai ‘a Tonga ke fokotu’u ha’ane kautaha ki he Totonu Fakafonua ‘a e Tangata’ Ko ‘eni ‘e tuku ange mai ‘e Pilitānia ‘a e pāuni Pilitānia ‘e 1.8 miliona fakafou he pa’anga tokoni ma’a e Komiunitī Pasifiki’ ke tokoni ki hono langa e Totonu ‘A e Tangata’ ‘a ha ngaahi fonua kominiueli ‘e 9.


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