Tongan X-Factor “can’t believe” her old family home was where a girl’s body found

    Fakatumutumu e toko taha fe'auhi X-Factor 'a Tonga' he ma'u ha sino 'o ha ki'i fefine ta'u 17 'i he 'api 'i Nu'u SIla ne ne nofo ai 'i ha ta'u 'e 10 ki mu'a. Na'e toki hiki' ni atu pe 'a Ashley Tonga mo 'ene fa'ee' he uike atu' mei he fale' ni kuo hū atu e kau polisi Manukau' he uike' ni ke fakatotolo'i e mate ko 'eni' ai. Kuo 'osi fakapapau'i 'e he kau polisi' 'a e pekia' mo hono hingoa ka 'oku kei tatali hono tuku ange' kei fai e fetu'utaki ke 'ilo ki ai hano tautonu.

    Former Tongan X-Factor contestant Ashely Tonga couldn’t believe the house she had lived in for 10 years has become a target of a homicide investigation this week.

    A body of a 17-year-old girl was found at the house in Buckland Rd, Māngere, on Tuesday.

    Tonga and her mum moved out of the home about two weeks ago.

    “This is beyond sad. Love and light to the family of the young girl,” she wrote on Facebook yesterday.

    Since they left, her neighbours had seen people going inside, Newshub reported.

    Ms Tonga said when she went back to pick up post from the house early Sunday evening, something didn’t feel right.

    “I just got that … hair standing on the back of my [neck], that was while I was at the back [of the house] and I ran [out],” she said.

    The next day Ms Tonga received news that a body had been found at the house.

    “I was just shocked when I was talking to the neighbour [because] she had said the body was there for a while,” she said.

    Police Detective Inspector Tofilau Faa Vaaelua said a formal identification of the victim has now been completed but Police are not in a position to release the name of the deceased as next of kin are yet to be informed.

    A scene examination, including a forensic analysis of the scene, has been completed over the past two days at the address as we seek to piece together what has taken place, he said.

    A post-mortem examination has been completed.

    Initial indications from enquiries are that the death occurred sometime during the day on Saturday 7, July.

    Inspector Vaaelua said the investigation was in its early phases, however Police were speaking with several individuals in relation to this matter.

    “Any homicide case is a tragedy, however this case involves a vulnerable young female and we are determined to establish the circumstances surrounding her death, which is the priority in our investigation.

    “We are also offering support to the family of the victim,” says Detective Inspector Vaaelua.

    “We appreciate that there is media interest in this matter, however this is a very complex matter and for investigational reasons, we are only able to release limited information at this time.

    “We will provide further information as soon as we are in a position to do so.”


    1. Fakatumutumu e toko taha fe’auhi X-Factor ‘a Tonga’ he ma’u ha sino ‘o ha ki’i fefine ta’u 17 ‘i he ‘api ‘i Nu’u SIla ne ne nofo ai ‘i ha ta’u ‘e 10 ki mu’a.

      Na’e toki hiki’ ni atu pe ‘a Ashley Tonga mo ‘ene fa’ee’ he uike atu’ mei he fale’ ni kuo hū atu e kau polisi Manukau’ he uike’ ni ke fakatotolo’i e mate ko ‘eni’ ai.

      Kuo ‘osi fakapapau’i ‘e he kau polisi’ ‘a e pekia’ mo hono hingoa ka ‘oku kei tatali hono tuku ange’ kei fai e fetu’utaki ke ‘ilo ki ai hano tautonu.


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